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[Rust due to scratches and exposure to humidity and how to deal with it]

Little scratches and dents on metal surfaces are the main cause of concern to the blacksmiths as these issues will cause a little spark of rust and will start spreading in no time.


There are many other materials that can contaminate the surface of the iron and cause rust, such as embedded steel bars, waste from packaging plastic adhesives, metal grinder dust itself, oil, and grease. This problem should be prevented to maintain the quality of manufacture and durability of iron structures.


Scratches can also be a problem when it affects the aesthetics of the product. Scratches will cause rust to occur and spread quickly, even on smooth and small surfaces.


Scratches on the iron can cause the existing paint to peel off and the iron to remain exposed to moisture.


We often thought that the existing paint is sufficient to protect metal from rusting not realising some paints do not have a good adhesion rate on to the iron surface. This eventually means, the paint used is easily torn or peeled due to not being firmly attached to the iron.


To overcome this issue, use Like Armor Anti Rust to get the perfect adhesion rate. Like Armour is proven by the test result conducted by Sirim, where the adhesion test achieves a perfect zero detachment performance. Result shown that no paint was removed when tested, proven to protect the surface from weathering exposure and rust.


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