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Darul Hana Bridge

Construction of the bridge was commissioned in 2013 to mark the golden anniversary of Sarawak’s union with Malaya and Sabah to form the country of Malaysia. The uniquely “S”-curved, 330 m-long pedestrian bridge over the Sarawak River is supported by cables from two 45 m tall and 48o outward-angled steel towers and topped with stylised hornbills.

Two covered viewing platforms provide pedestrians with resting spots and panoramic views across the city’s focal heritage points. The Darul Hana Bridge (also known as the Golden Anniversary Bridge) is designed with a 3.25 m wide walkway exclusively for pedestrians and wheelchairs for the disabled, with easily manageable gentle gradients, and it will become an integral part of the planned Legacy Park and Halaman Heritage Trail.

The 3 m wide pavement for pedestrians and the two viewing platforms needed a durable coating with a non-slip finish and good resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents. The designer wanted a topping for the crossing to be attractive and material that will impose a minimal loading on the bridge. The solution proposed by Mapei was a resin flooring system that fulfilled the criteria given. The system involved the application of PRIMER SN and then broadcast with sand to create the necessary mechanical grip. This was followed by the application of MAPECOAT CF-AP, a coloured polyurethane coating, and MAPEFLOOR FINISH 57 to provide a good abrasion and chemical-resistant finish.

The bridge is a visually stunning and iconic addition to Kuching’s landscape. It had its Grand Opening ceremony on the 11th November 2017 witnessed by thousands of Sarawakians from both side of the Sarawak River.

Source: Construction+

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