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Natasha Hicks
Natasha Hicks

Huniecam Studio

The player (either male or female) meets up with Kyu who is letting the player manage her Cam Girls for 21 days. Kyu will guide the player through a few basic tutorials on how to play. From there on out it is up to the player to keep the girls happy while generating revenue and fans. Kyu will return at the end of the time allotted to give the player their studio report grade them on their progress. The main goal is to get as many fans as possible for the studio.

Huniecam studio

Download Zip:

Hunie cam studio is the new opus from the creator of the kinky puzzle game hunie pop but the only thing that it has from is predecessor is that most of the girls are back for a lucrative career in cam work.

Hunie cam studio has beautiful art likes its predecessor (a bit more zynga-ish though) but the similarity stop there, other that having to have the most number of fans by day 21 that is pretty much the plot. No interaction with the girl, no puzzle, no hidden girl (that I know of).

So has the manager of the Cam Studio, you handle all studio operation. Hiring new women to grow your cam girl empire, training them, putting them to work, upgrading your studio, sending them to the spa to relax after a few days of hard work, doing errand for you, etc. 041b061a72


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