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Where Can I Buy Decals

The DTOPS website lets you place orders and pay online for Annual User Fees (Commercial Vehicles, Private Vessels, and Private Aircraft) and Single Crossing Fees (Commercial Vehicles) associated with crossing the border into the United States. Transponders are used for commercial vehicles while decals are used for private aircraft and private vessels (30 ft+). Single crossing fees apply only to commercial vehicles.

where can i buy decals


PURPOSE: The purpose for soliciting this information is to allow the purchase of border-crossing transponders or decals for commercial vehicles, private vessels and aircrafts, and to allow the payment of the commercial vehicle single crossing user fee via the secure DTOPS website. The DTOPS website provides a convenient method to pay for either a border-crossing transponder or decal or a single crossing user fee. Paying online via DTOPS improves wait times by allowing carriers to pay the user fee online prior to arriving at the border.

The owner or operator of a motor vehicle not registered in Missouri is required to purchase a temporary alternative fuel decal before they can purchase LP / Propane or Natural Gas. The fee for a temporary alternative fuel decal is $8 and the decal is valid for a period of 15 days from the date of issuance. The decal must be attached to the lower, right-hand corner of the front windshield on the motor vehicle for which it was issued. The decal is not transferable and the fee cannot be credited to another vehicle. Temporary alternative decals may be purchased from the retail dealer.

The Department of Revenue, Excise Tax Section, provides temporary alternative decals to dealers on a consignment basis. A dealer who wishes to have decals on hand is usually provided five to ten decals at a time. At the end of December of each year, the dealer should return all unsold decals along with payment for all sold decals. The Department will then provide additional decals to the dealer for the next year. In some instances the Department has faxed a temporary decal to a dealer.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) decals that allow vehicles meeting specified emissions standards single occupancy use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV or carpool) lanes. CARB establishes the official list of eligible vehicles based upon vehicle emissions. More about this program

Most large watercrafts have GPS units available, however, if one is not available, it is suggested that either you purchase the Nevada AIS decal or have a general idea, utilizing maps, where the border exists. offers custom car decals that are high quality, weather resistant and affordable. Our online decal maker allows you to design the perfect decal with a variety of fonts, colors, and artwork. With our wholesale pricing, the more you buy, the more you save!

If you have a current year IFTA license, you may renew your license and get decals online at OSCAR. You may also pay online at OSCAR using electronic funds transfer (EFT) or a credit or debit card. To pay by check or money order, you must submit Form IFTA-21-V, Voucher and Instructions for International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Licenses and Decals Renewed Electronically, with your payment. Form IFTA-21-V is available only through OSCAR.

Your renewal license and decals are valid and may be displayed beginning in November of the preceding calendar year. Your current year license and decals remain valid and may be displayed through February of the next calendar year.

OHV decals are valid for one year from date of purchase. Before visiting an MVD or Authorized Third Party office, please complete the Off-Highway Vehicle Decal Application. The initial decal may be purchased at the same time your OHV is titled and registered. The fee for the decal is $25 per year.

Emblem Specialty License Plates are different than regular plates because they have a 3" x 3" square space designated for division approved decals. Qualifying entities can apply for an emblem to be placed on an emblem specialty plate if they belong to one of the following groups and meet the specific statutory requirements:

Anime Stickery Online offers a wide range of anime stickers, stickers decals, bumper stickers and car stickers at reasonable prices. We have voluminous anime stickers for your car, laptop, windows, lavatory, bedroom or any other space you can think of. Anime Characters have become more than a simple picture on a screen. They have become stickers that you can attach anywhere you want. So, whether you are a Naruto fans, a Bleach fanatic, Pikachu lover, or a Demon Slayer supporter, you can find a stickers for the anime character you love.

You can trust Sportdecals to deliver quality football helmet decals to you on time, every time. For over 50 years, Sportdecals has worked hard to push decal technology to the limit bringing you chrome, metallic, and matte finish decals along with oversized and extreme oversized options. Or, choose one of our top-selling custom decal kits that combine our most popular decal options into single, easy to order decal sheets. We are your one-stop-shop for all your helmet decal and sticker needs!

We want to make sure your players looks as good as they play, so take advantage of our award-winning custom artwork provided absolutely free with every order. Our thick 20 mil decals are ultra-tough, built to last all season long, and guaranteed to come off cleanly with no residue. Let Sportdecals take care of you this season. Buy from the industry leader since 1972.

The SIPC brochure "How SIPC Protects You," as well as the SIPC signs and SIPC decals, are available for purchase by members of SIPC through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FINRA") and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association ("SIFMA").

Our mission is to provide individuals working within the trucking industry an affordable source for US DOT identification number decals for transportation vehicles. We offer two different types of vehicle signage to choose from (permanent or removable) . Through this website you can enter your assigned US DOT number and purchase your die-cut vinyl lettering, or if you are looking for a less permanent option, magnetic signs. All orders come with FREE Ground SHIPPING! Click here to Shop Now.

Our USDOT vinyl graphics (decals), or stickers are adhesive backed, die cut vinyl lettering (9 Years of Outdoor Use) that is sold in ready to apply kits with a carrier sheet backing. Easy to follow instructions and an installation tool are included.

Custom logo decals with an easy peel and stick application process will make your truck and company vehicles stand out from the rest. Just upload your logo to order your logo as a contour cut adhesive vinyl sticker online.

Athletic Decals, Inc has been proudly serving the sports industry with high-quality, long-lasting athletic decals since 1999. Based in Houston, Texas, we specialize in helmet decals for football, providing the well-known emblems for NFL teams such as the Carolina Panthers, the San Francisco 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys, and many more; and NCAA teams including Baylor University, TCU, University of Ohio, and Florida State University. In addition to the national teams, we also supply custom sports decals for high schools, youth leagues, and community colleges across the country, including baseball, hockey, and lacrosse.

There are several types of parking decals issued by the Police Department. Residential parking decals for Pontchartrain Hall and Privateer Place are issued at no cost to residents. Pontchartrain Hall decals expire per semester, therefore, residents must renew their decals each semester. Privateer Place decals are good for the entire academic school year, which runs from August 15th of one year to August 15th of the next year. Residential parking is restricted to certain areas. Residents of Pontchartrain Hall must park within the white lined spaces of the Residential Parking Area. Staff parking spaces are marked by signs and are reserved for staff personnel 24/7. Residents of Privateer Place must park between white lined spaces only in the parking area of the gated apartment complex located on Levee Road. Remember, residential parking is restricted and anyone found parking outside their restricted parking area will be subject to receive a citation for violating the Parking & Traffic Rules and Regulations. To park on campus, residents must purchase a regular student parking decal.

Please note: Only ONE annual decal or TWO semester only decals (one for Fall, one for Spring) can be ordered per academic year. After ordering your decal, if you switch cars or there is a change to your residency status resulting in your need for a different decal, please notify Parking Services to arrange for an exchange of your original decal.

Parking decals will be available for pickup in the Office of Student Accounts, Green Hall 119 between 8:30am-4:00pm. Please allow four days from your order date for your decal to be available.

The college has a web-based parking system called Campus Automobile Registration System (CARS). This system allows students, faculty, and staff to order decals online, print out a temporary dashboard permit so you will automatically have a valid permit, as well as monitor and/or appeal parking citations.

In each Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Area, qualified residences are eligible for up to four (4) decals per household. Required documentation must be verified before permits are issued. Each permit costs $20 per year.

To purchase your decals, complete a Motor Carriers Road Tax/IFTA New Account Registration Application (IFTA-200A) and send it along with your check or money order, made payable to "PA Department of Revenue", to the following address:

Decals must be renewed each August and are valid for all faculty/staff and student parking areas. Retiree decals cannot be used in visitor lots, reserved spaces or metered spaces, and cannot be used for accessible spaces without the proper placard. 041b061a72


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