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Buy Candle Supplies

So, its no wonder that the pandemic has seen a massive upswing of folks trying to learn how to make their own soy candles, either to sell as a side hustle- or just for their own wedding favours!

buy candle supplies


This is our coveted, tried-and-tested list of candle making suppliers that we've created over the years- and we're so glad to pass on this list of the best and most affordable candle suppliers in Canada.

Oh- except none of these candle making supplies are from Amazon... (see the note at the end of this blog post for why you SHOULDN'T SHOP for your candle making supplies on Amazon)

We don't list ANY wick choices here, as wicking is one of the hardest parts of candle making- and you may even have an existing wick in mind (such as the popular wooden wick, or braided cotton wick).

VCC is our top, "all-rounder" supplier, and if you don't get any further than this, you'll probably still be able to successfully start a candle business just purchasing from VCC! Keep in mind, many hobby candle makers already shop here, so if you want to stand out from the crowd- mix and match with other suppliers for unique candle results!

Possibly the hardest- and most important part- of making your own candles, is nailing the fragrance. There is Hot Throw (how the candle smells when lit), Cold Throw (how it smells unlit) to master- plus you need to worry about adhesion, frosting, sink holes AND cracking. And that's after you've made an accord or scent that folks actually want to buy!

So, long story short: you may need to test a few fragrances and scent combinations before you're on your way to selling your candles (or burning them yourself.). When in doubt, go with a single, in-house blend of fragrance oils such as the one's offered by VCC.

We have put a link to just the pthalate-free candle scents above, as you need to be cautious about consumer behaviour when making candles, and it's very common to get this question from customers.

This out-of-the-way supplier is on Vancouver Island of all places, so their shipping fees are HIGH. But, in our experience it's worth it for their super unique, higher-end premium candle fragrances.

For this reason- to make SAFE candles that don't lead to broken jars, or jars filled with molten hot wax- you need to be able to MATCH YOUR WICK SIZE to your jar diameter, once you've decided on your wax and fragrance.

The problem with Amazon, is that the Amazon candle making supplies and sellers change frequently- and you may not be able to replicate your results! Meaning you've wasted your time AND money, even if you thought you were getting a deal initially.

Also, Amazon doesn't have professional grade supplies (such as proper cotton wicks that won't just burn out immediately), nor do they have the best deals on wax. Take it from us, we started there and quickly learnt our lesson!

So, close those Amazon searches for "best soy candle wax deal", and get out your pen and paper (and maybe credit card). You're about to start your journey toward hobby candle making with actual, tested Canadian Candle suppliers.

Don't forget we offer DIY Candle Making kits for beginners- these make amazing gifts for candle lovers, or as a test-run to see if you even enjoy the process. And it IS a process. You'll see :P

Our journey started like many candle makers. We bought a kit from Hobby Lobby and decided to give it a try as we wanted a candle from Bath and Body that was out of season. Founded in 2021 we have grown our candle supply business to support all types of makers in the United States! We truly appreciate the support our customers have given us.

Candle making is easy when you have all the equipment and ingredients right at your fingertips. Bulk Apothecary has become one of the premiere suppliers for candle making online. We focus on providing the lowest prices possible without ever sacrificing quality. Explore our selection of wholesale candle making supplies and get everything you need from an experienced and trusted provider.

Our Mission: We are dedicated to providing on-trend and innovative designer candle supplies, at wholesale prices, to professional candle makers, retailers, and hobbyists. We are committed to excellent customer service, extensive testing of our products, and professional advice to help our clients succeed. See our Candle Classroom blog and YouTube Channel for education and tips, and connect with us on social media!

I've decided to add a luxury line to my candle lineup and these tortoise shell tumblers are just what I was looking for. Incredibly high quality and packaged very well. I can't wait to add them to the website!

Consumers also buy candles as a focus point for their home decor, as well as for aromatherapy like relaxation and stress reduction, according to the National Candle Association. Taking a quick look on Google Trends shows us that global interest for homemade candles is consistent:

And while candles may be used for various purposes across the globe, most of the searches for homemade candles are concentrated around North America, the UK, and Australia. This is great intel for candlemakers looking to find a market for their DIY products:

One of the hottest candle varieties on the market today, soy candles are made from a base of soy wax. This wax is derived from soybeans and, therefore, is made from vegetables (opposed to regular oil- or paraffin-based candles). The soy wax segment is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5% from 2019 to 2025, according to Grand View Research.

Aromatherapy candles makers market their products as offering specific benefits that correlate to certain scents. Generally, the recipes for these candles use essential oils that are meant to enhance physical or mental well-being. For example, lavender scents are often associated with relaxation.

Your target market are the people you want to reach with your marketing efforts. These are the buyers who will be most interested in your products and most likely to convert to customers. In the candle industry, target markets are broken down into three categories:

While doing your research, note what kind of candles customers are buying. Are eco-friendly, vegan candles best suited for your market? Or are potential customers OK with paraffin wax candles, despite their impact on the environment.

The second step in starting a candle making business is building a brand. A brand helps you build an audience, influences your marketing efforts, and makes it easier to create better products for your customers.

Take Keap Candles story for example. The founders, Harry Doull and Stephen Tracy, were unhappy with their jobs in tech. They want to do something more meaningful and inspiring with their work and turned to candle making.

When it comes to your candle brand, you want to pay close attention to the aesthetic of your products. Customers will use your candles for their scents and a home decor complement, so you want to design products in-line with your audience.

A business plan guides your entire operation when creating a candle business. It helps define your strategy, pinpoint challenges, understand what resources you need, and analyze your business idea before launch.

Take the remaining wax mixture and pour the remaining quarter into the jar. Allow the rest of the wax to set completely. Once the wax is firm, snip off the excess wick with some scissors, and your candle is ready to burn!

Like many business-to-consumer retailers, one of the most lucrative mediums to sell candles is online. You can use multiple digital platforms, like social media and your own ecommerce site, to reach potential customers around the world.

Great product photography is key to convincing people to buy your candles. Make sure you can clearly see the shape and label of your candles. Up for a challenge? Stage an image of the candle in use in your home so shoppers can envision it in theirs. You can hire a professional photographer to take your photos or take high-quality photos with a smartphone.

Having recurring customers is more profitable than constantly finding new ones. Test different cross-sell and upsell opportunities to drive more revenue from your existing customers. You could also offer subscription boxes, like Frostbeard Studio. The brand offers a Candle of the Month Club, where customers get a brand new candle every month for a set price.

Approximately 35% of candle sales happen during the Christmas holiday season, according to the National Candle Association, with 76% of buyers viewing candles as an appropriate holiday gift. Prepare for this season by creating holiday campaigns with special promos and ads targeted at potential buyers.

Our customers are the backbone of this company and we show appreciation by offering fair prices, local pick up by appointment and unbeatable products. A premium candle starts with premium wax. So let's get to making!

I waited for my curing and a week worth of burning to write my review. Out the bottle the scent is captivating! I used 10% in soy candle and it is perfect. Definitely one of my favorites! I will definitely order again!

For my first candle attempt using the Coco Apricot - I was soooooooo pleasantly surprised. The tops were beautifully smooth and white. When mixed with the Mint Lavender fragrance -- I was so surprised by the scent-- wasn't what I expected esp since Im not a fan of Lavender... but that's changed now!! Thank you!

When Mika says this scent would not be out of place at Neiman Marcus do not doubt that! I was inspired to get into candle making by candles like Cire Trudon's Ernesto. That $125 candle is iconic and this fragrance I believe rivals it. I read the notes and thought maybe this would be a dupe of Ernesto which I would have been happy with. It is not. It is unapologetically its own thing but just as iconic. It is unique, complex and top shelf! 041b061a72


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