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Dawn Vargas

[S2E22] All Hell Breaks Loose (2)

What if all of All hell breaks loose part one was just a vision and Sam was to wake up in the car still in front of the diner? How could he change things and stop Yellow Eyes and what if he finds himself falling for his brother along the way?????

[S2E22] All Hell Breaks Loose (2)

The boys are working on their mini-bike, fixing and cleaning it up together. Happy that the whole body and paint job was intact, Malcolm sees that the only parts they need is a spark plug and a carburetor, knowing that they can dismantle their dad's lawnmower to build it. They are so excited to get it running. But it all hell breaks loose when Malcolm starts mentioning the schedule on who gets to ride the mini-bike, Reese finds it unfair, Malcolm defends himself as he is the one who knows how to put together the engine, Reese argues that he's the one who paid for it, Dewey argues that they would not have it if he had not seen it. Malcolm tries to calm things down as they are still fixing it. Reese tells Malcolm off that his loser Krelboyne friends may take orders from him, but normal people don't have to. Malcolm tells Reese off with the fact that he doesn't have any friends other than his brothers. Reese's feelings are hurt by that, he reminds Malcolm that their mother told him that he's not allowed to speak of that. 041b061a72


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