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Rebel Daughter [v2.0] ((HOT))

In Rebel Daughter, you're a young father whose wife divorced him. You are left to raise your teenage daughter yourself, and you're also a successful writer. Somehow you've got to raise your daughter to the best of your ability while also writing your next great novel. A lot is riding on this book because you need the money to support your family, but your life is full of many distractions because your daughter is nothing short of a rebel.

Rebel Daughter [v2.0]

After spending some time in the underground room, Jyn heard footsteps approaching above. When the hatch opened, she saw Gerrera standing there, who urged her to come out.[6] Gerrera raised the young girl as his own daughter.[7] For the next eight years, Jyn found a connection with the hardened warriors, becoming a soldier working for Gerrera's insurgents, whose actions were considered by many to be immoral,[1] although Gerrera attempted to shield Jyn from some of the worst atrocities he and the others committed.[7]

Throughout her time on Wrea, Gerrera told the other Partisans that she was his daughter. Jyn was trained with a blaster, truncheons, a code replicator, and in hand-to-hand combat by Gerrera to ensure she could survive. Jyn formed opinions on many of the Partisans that she saw frequently, respecting Idryssa Barruck, who offered her advice on hygiene and personal health, warming up to Maia, a younger girl who she became friends with, remaining friendly with Staven, a Pantoran who helped her learn to wire detonators and frequently trained with her, maintaing her distance from Codo, who had tried to kiss her after teaching her how to swim, and holding disdain for the cocky Reece Tallent. As her skills with the code replicator progressed, she was pleased with doing small jobs for Saw to help the Partisans on their missions.[8]

As Jyn got older, she convinced Gerrera to let her take part in some of the Partisans' missions. On her first mission, she guarded the airlock as the Partisans boarded an Imperial vessel. When an Imperial scientist approached her, Jyn was reluctant and scared to shoot him, and despite threatening him, allowed him to attack her before he was killed by another Partisan. Embarrassed and ashamed of her failure, she apologized to Saw, who nonetheless reprimanded her for her lack of decisiveness. Later, Jyn was sent on her first solo mission, where she would be dropped off by Staven on Horuz to assassinate Dorin Bell, an Imperial scientist known to be working with kyber crystals. Jyn prepared to kill Bell, but was relieved when he was killed by the Partisans' "safeguards." When the Partisans were hired by Arane Oreida, Gerrera tasked Jyn with forging documents of admission to a ceremony on the planet Inusagi during the Sakoola blossom festival. Jyn was planted in a courtyard and instructed to pass out the forged documents to disguised rebels who gave her the codephrase "cloud." Despite being told not to enter the chieftess's palace, Jyn did so and witnessed the Partisans slaughter a large group of people with flechette launchers. In the ensuing chaos, Jyn saw her friend Maia killed and inherited her synthskin gloves.[8]

When Jyn was sixteen, she joined Gerrera, Tallent, and Codo on a mission to Tamsye Prime to scout out an old Clone Wars munitions factory that the Empire was using in hopes of a future, larger attack. Establishing a cover as tertiary units on a propaganda documentary filming on the site, Jyn forged the scandocs for their cover, giving herself the alias "Kestrel Dawn." The crew entered the factory to capture information on film and send it to other rebel groups.[8]

Settling in with Ponta, who had a son about Jyn's age, Hadder, Jyn was allowed to sleep in the room previously used by Ponta's deceased daughter Tanith, who had died of bloodburn. Jyn offered to help forge useful documents for Ponta's shipping business but found herself with a lot of free time on her hands, which was something that she wasn't used to. Jyn and Hadder established a rapport over time. With Hadder's interest in flying and space travel being forbidden by his mother's concern regarding bloodburn being a hereditary condition, the duo began clandestine flights on the Pontas' planet hopper when Hadder's mother was away on business.[8]

During one of their secret flights, Hadder took Jyn to a field for a picnic. While eating, he explained that he was thinking about joining a resistance group, since it would give him the chance to fly, and wanted to know if Jyn would come with him. Not wanting to get involved with another rebel group and happy with life as it was, Jyn told him that she wouldn't. Hadder decided that, even if it meant giving up a chance to fly, he would rather stay with her. This confession led to the two admitting that they had feelings for each other and started their relationship.[8]

However, one night when Hadder took Jyn to a local restaurant, Jyn recognized Xosad Hozem, one of Gerrera's Partisans. Jyn quickly made Hadder leave with her, but outside the restaurant, Hozem and his men surrounded them. Hozem, looking for information on her, asked Jyn what she was doing, but Jyn quickly defeated him in hand-to-hand combat and told him to leave her alone and that she was no longer a rebel. later, Hadder admitted that Hozem was his contact with the rebels, and Jyn was forced to reveal some of her past to make sure Hadder understood what he was considering.[8]

Unfortunately, the night before they planned to leave, stormtroopers arrived at the home, suspecting that Jyn was the same "Jyn" involved with the rebels at the Tamsye Prime factory incident. All three managed to escape, although they were separated. Jyn took the planet hopper while Hadder and his mother took the freighter. With the space around Skuhl a battle zone between the Empire and rebel fighters, the freighter was destroyed, killing Hadder and Akshaya, leaving Jyn to arrive at the Five Points station by herself. The deaths of two more people she cared for (especially since Hadder hadn't left with a rebel group before the fighting started because of her), left guilt that Jyn carried with her.[8]

In 0 BBY,[14] Jyn's luck ran out. She was arrested by Imperial Admiral Bethava Rocwyn as she was infiltrating a rebel cell on a ship in the Five Points System. At the moment, Erso was using her Liana Hallik alias,[8] which was logged as her name in a Five Points Station arrest record, designated file / 7976.994.5., that stated her place of arrest was on Corulag. With Andressa Divo of the ISB and Rocwyn judging "Hallik" to be a petty criminal whose spirit could be put to work at a labor camp,[13] Erso was eventually transferred to the Imperial labor camp on the planet Wobani,[6] sentenced to twenty years of labor in the planet's farms, sharing a cell with a Blutopian Oolin Musters, also known as "Kennel."[7]

In the sixth month of Jyn's incarceration,[8] while being transported to her work station one day, the vehicle Jyn was aboard was attacked by Extraction Team Bravo of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. After identifying Jyn, Sergeant Ruescott Melshi released her from her restraints, but when he was distracted by a prisoner seated opposite, Jyn took her chance to kick Melshi over and attempt to escape, wondering if her "rescuers" were actually sent by Saw because she knew too much about his operations.[7] Heading for the door, Jyn punched a second rebel trooper to the ground before grabbing a shovel from the side wall of the transport, using it to strike the sergeant and the third Bravo Team soldier. Running outside to escape, Erso was clotheslined by former Imperial[6] KX-series security droid[1] K-2SO who threw her to the ground and told her not to resist, informing her that she was being rescued.[6]

Because of her history with Gerrera, Draven and Mothma asked her to meet with him on the moon Jedha, an Imperial-occupied world held sacred by followers of the mystical energy field known as the Force, to acquire the message in the hopes of locating and extracting Galen to testify to the Imperial Senate. Given a choice between assisting the rebels and being given her freedom or refusing and being returned to prison, Jyn chose the former. What she wasn't aware of, however, was that Andor had instead been tasked with assassinating Galen by General Draven, who did not trust either Jyn or her father to help their cause.[6]

Arriving at Jedha, Jyn and Andor agreed that K2 should stay behind on the ship so that they could blend in with the crowds of the Holy City more easily. After entering the city, Jyn was surprised to find that Andor was relying on the hope of her name being enough to get a meeting with Saw, being told in response that "rebellions are built on hope." Shortly after, Jyn encountered Chirrut Îmwe, a blind male human who called her over. Îmwe told her about the Guardians of the Whills and their great temple, and how the Empire was at Jedha for the planet's kyber crystals. Her conversation was cut short when Andor called her over, telling her to keep her focus on the mission.[6]

Walking further, the pair came to a street where they noticed an Imperial combat assault tank guarded by several stormtroopers approaching. Out of the corner of her eye, Jyn spotted several people armed with weapons atop the surrounding buildings. Suddenly the Imperials were attacked from all sides. After getting to cover, Jyn noticed a child stranded in the midst of the engagement. Running to retrieve the girl, Jyn handed her over to[6] her mother[1] but was subsequently trapped on either side by Imperial forces. Andor, spotting one of the insurgents preparing to throw an explosive, shot the rebel, causing him to fall and detonate the explosive inside a group of insurgents, providing enough distraction for Jyn to escape to cover. With the insurgents neutralizing the last of the Imperial forces surrounding the tank, they retrieved the kyber crystals being transported on board.[6]

Rounding a corner, the trio found themselves in front of another stormtrooper patrol. One of the stormtroopers ordered K2 to tell him where he was taking the "prisoners." Before he could answer, the troopers told K2 they would handle the prisoners. Before they could, however, the blind monk that had spoken to Jyn approached the group. Ordered to stay back by one of the stormtroopers, Îmwe kept walking. As the troopers fired, the robed man used his hands and his staff strike the soldiers down, using some of them as cover from blaster bolts. When the last trooper was down, another group came around the corner but were suddenly killed when a human named Baze Malbus, armed with a heavy repeater cannon, came up from behind. With the fighting ended, several of Gerrera's insurgents approached. Jyn demanded to speak with Gerrera, telling the rebels that she was Galen Erso's daughter. Speaking in an alien language, one of the insurgents ordered they all be restrained and brought to Gerrera.[6] 041b061a72


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