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Cool Gadgets Things To Buy

Here you will find a massive collection of the latest tech, smart home devices, and best new gadgets for 2023. We strive to provide some of the coolest tech gadgets on the web all in one handpicked list. From nifty camping tech to iPhone accessories there is a cool gadget for just about anything in your life.

cool gadgets things to buy

Whether you are in the mood to splurge on yourself or a loved one you came to the right place. We have scoured the web for the latest tech gadgets. From novelty to useful we cover a huge range of products. Things to level up your smart home to gamer gear we cover the latest tech that improve your life.

But with so many cool gadgets out there these days, it can be hard to track down the ones that you should actually buy. To make your life easier, we've tracked down and gathered our personal favourites all here in one place.

The Peak Design Tech Pouch is a stylish and exceptionally made accessory that's a must-have for frequent travelers. It has enough pockets and compartments for small gadgets, charging cables, memory cards, and any other accessories you might own.

The D03 Dapper bifold wallet by Dango Products is an everyday accessory that effortlessly combines cool design, exceptional craftsmanship, and perfect usability. Made in the U.S. from machined aluminum, water-resistant DTEX, and genuine leather (in black or brown), the D03 wallet has space for up to 14 cards and cash.

This is by far the coolest gadget out there for pet owners. The sleek Petcube Bites 2 camera allows you to keep an eye on your pet while you're not home through Wi-Fi connectivity and can even deploy a treat for them right from your smartphone.

Finally, a subscription box full of cool, life-hacking gadgets for home, kitchen, and health to surprise your freaking fussy best friend for one month or the entire year. The previous season's box featured a LARQ bottle and Ember smart mug. Get one yourself to find out what techy goodies will be curated in the next box. (Spoiler: There's a hella awesome mini posture training device for WFH.)

Jacquelyn Greenfield is an associate shopping editor at Cosmopolitan, where she covers the best gift ideas, sales, and more across all things beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and sex. She has a serious obsession with sneakers and lives for a great clear lip gloss. She previously worked at Nylon and has had bylines in The Zoe Report, Coveteur, and CR Fashion Book. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

The best part? There are so many different gadgets and tech gifts out there to enhance every aspect of your life, be that improving your tunes at home with smart speakers, motivating them to work out with a smartwatch, or grilling up something special at the summer garden party with a top-spec BBQ. Sure, they'd love a new Tesla on the driveway, but let's be realistic here, the world of useful tech gadgets is deep, complex and spread across everything that they could possibly want. And the best thing about a techy gift? It works all year round, for all sorts of celebrations, be that birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or even as a just-because treat.

But you've landed on this page because you want to be told what to buy. And we've got you covered. We've selected a range of the best must-have tech gifts for 2023, from games consoles and wearable tech to smartphones and VR equipment, ensuring that whoever you buy this gift for, they have the latest, coolest gear.

Why, you simply have to read this article, of course. There is a slew of useful tools and gadgets below that we've selected, from coffee machines to beard trimmers. When it comes to researching what you want, you probably need to narrow down your field of searching so you're not overwhelmed with gizmos and tech that won't enrich your life or vaguely help you make a slightly better quality cup of coffee.

But let's not equate "gadget" with "dinky last-minute gift that'll get lost in a junk drawer." The good ones typically achieve a nice balance of coolness and utility. And, when purchased with a specific person's needs in mind, gadgets make great gifts.

From portable photo printers to retro vintage keyboards to kitchen gadgets and more, there are so many unique and cool gadgets to sift through. And trust us, we're sure you weren't anticipating some of these. Whether you're a chef, a homebody, or someone who likes to travel, there's bound to be something in here that tickles your fancy. Heck, there's even a portable pet carrier that makes it easy to travel with your cat. Check out some of the top mind-boggling inventions we've discovered on Amazon and buy one for yourself ahead.

This LuminAid Solar Inflatable Lantern ($30) soaks up the sun in the day, so you can use its light by night. It's great for a camper or someone who loves cool gadgets. The lantern is lightweight and has a handle that makes it easy to carry around.

We at G for Gadget have featured hundreds of cool tech gadgets so far and in this article, I am listing the ones we think are, the coolest, futuristic and highly rated. I personally have some of these gadgets and guess what, almost everyone who sees them in action gets so impressed.

Most of the gadgets listed below are great for gifting as well. Enjoy the post and please share it with others. If you have any other recommendations for me or our audience, feel free to leave them in the comment section at the end of this post.

I have seen so many gadgets over the years but this product lured me into getting one for myself because it is so so cool. Meet Gravastar's Mars Pro wireless speakers with bass boost and stereo sound. This is such a cool desk accessory that almost everyone who sees them will have their attention on it. Time to impress!!!Coolest DesignMars Pro comes in different colors and styles. The one I have with me is the white variant but the yellow one is my fav in terms of look.It features a Zinc alloy metal body so if you are holding it, you can feel how luxurious it is. There are 3 legs that fold. And lots of LED lights in and around the speaker. On the top, there is a touch volume slider and some control buttons.This gadget is straight from a sci-fi movieLots of LEDsMars Pro features 6 dynamic RGB lights.... [More info]

You might have come across fancy looking shoes with lights on the sides. Though the sidelights look crazy, it's not as crazy as having an entire surface made of LED lights. The latest innovation from YesWeGlow has brought this super cool looking sneakers called 'Glow' which has a full surface LED. On the first look, I thought it was an LED display on the shoes but in fact, it is just the LED lights. You have 6 color... [More info]

As technology continues to evolve, so do the accessories around you. If you see a few years down the line, men's wallets could only carry cash/cards and it was easy to lose it. But today, wallets have become so smart that they are GPS enabled. How cool is that? Meet Ekster Parliament, a smart wallet equipped with a GPS tracker. The best thing, it costs well under $100!What sets this product... [More info]

A couple of years ago when I was roaming around at Consumer Electronics Show, a ridiculously cool tech caught my eyes. That is when I first saw a magnetically floating light bulb. Magnetic levitation is not new but consumer products that use maglev technology is.That's not it. The base has a wireless phone charger built-in so you can charge any smartphone supporting QI charging. A good bedside lamp, isn't it?This levitating... [More info]

  • When it comes to enjoying your favorite hot beverage, there's nothing quite like having an Ember Smart Mug 2. This innovative mug keeps your drink at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop, so you can savor every moment.It's the perfect solution for home and/or office workaholics as well as avid coffee lovers.What are the main features?You'll love a lot of things about this mug, but here are the main ones: Phone control

  • Customizable LED

  • 1.5hrs battery life

  • Perfect temperature range

Phone controlYep, that's right. You can now use your phone to control the temperature of your drink. Simply download the Ember app, and you're good to go!And... [More info]

I just came across Flowtime, a headband for meditation purposes that is super lightweight, easy to wear and has a ton of cool features. Some of the useful features include accurate heart rate sensors, brain wave sensors that work in real-time while you are meditating.Flowtime helps you identify tension and stress... [More info]

Razer has some of the coolest tech accessories on the market, from laptops to smartphone accessories, their products are very innovative. One of their hot selling products is Kishi mobile game controller. Razer Kishi looks so beautiful, is lightweight and works with any smartphone, be it Android or iPhone. The best thing, this gadget costs well under $100!Kishi controller has a collapsible design that makes it easy to carry around. It... [More info]

As I was wandering around the convention center in Las Vegas, a bunch of tiny robots was singing and dancing with one another without the intervention of any human. I went ahead to check them out and they are none other than Clicbot robots, tiny little but smart robot toys made specifically for educational/STEM purposes. Look how cool their futuristic-looking head is!Click bot is a modular robot that can be turned into... [More info]

You might be knowing drones but do you know what an Ornithopter is? If not, check out this super cool gadget named Meta Fly which is very similar to a drone that flies in the sky but it's an ornithopter, which means, it is like a flying insect that can maneuver itself. Sounds amazing but does it actually work? Watch... [More info] 041b061a72


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