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Spark Movie Free Download Hindi HD: A Review and Guide

If you are looking for a fun and adventurous animated movie to watch with your family or friends, you might want to check out Spark movie. This is a sci-fi comedy film that tells the story of a teenage monkey who has to save his planet from an evil dictator. In this article, we will review the movie, explain why you should watch it in Hindi HD, and show you how to download it for free online.

Spark movie free download hindi hd


What is Spark Movie?

Spark movie, also known as Spark: A Space Tail, is a 2016 computer-animated film written and directed by Aaron Woodley. It features the voices of Jace Norman, Jessica Biel, Susan Sarandon, Patrick Stewart, Hilary Swank, and A.C. Peterson. The movie was released in April 2017 in the United States and Canada, and later dubbed in Hindi and other languages for international markets.

Plot summary

The movie is set in a galaxy where anthropomorphic animals and aliens live together. Thirteen years ago, the evil primate General Zhong overthrew his noble brother to seize the throne of the planet Bana, using a spacetime anomaly known as "the slick", which has the ability to create black holes. The black hole created from the slick partially destroyed Bana, and swallowed up many subjects. Among the few survivors were a baby monkey named Spark, a warrior fox named Vix, and a boar mechanic named Chunk.

In the present, Spark, Vix, Chunk and Spark's forgetful nanny bot, Bananny, secretly live on a shard used as a garbage dump, with Vix and Chunk leading insurgency missions against Zhong, although they constantly forbid Spark from coming along. One day, Spark intercepts an e-mail sent to Vix about a new mission, and decides to take the mission himself without her knowing. The e-mail leads to the Queen of Bana, whom Zhong still permits to live in the palace. After Spark infiltrates the palace and meets the Queen, she hands him a kraken-finder, which Zhong wants to use to find and recapture the space kraken in order to destroy another planet. Spark decides to use it to find the kraken himself; he tames the creature and brings it back to the garbage shard. But he then finds his home raided by Zhong's forces, who then capture both him and the kraken.

Zhong forces the kraken to make a new slick into which he hurls Spark, Vix, Chunk and the entire garbage shard. However, they manage to escape with the help of an old spaceship captain who reveals himself to be Spark's long-lost father. Together, they join forces with other rebels and allies to stop Zhong from unleashing his final plan of destroying another planet with a giant laser cannon powered by the kraken. Along the way, Spark discovers his true identity as the rightful heir of Bana and learns to embrace his destiny as a hero.

Cast and crew

The movie has an impressive cast of voice actors who bring life to the characters. Here are some of them:


Voice actor


Jace Norman


Jessica Biel

The Captain

Patrick Stewart

The Queen

Hilary Swank b70169992d


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