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Orange Pekoe Tea Bags Buy !FULL!

Rich and golden, this premium Assam blend delivers a strong, full-bodied brew. Orange Pekoe Black Tea is a fine grade of black tea which delivers a rich & smooth taste. Inspired by the fusion of tradition with the vibrancy of modern India, this brew is sure to satisfy your chai craving. Our round tea bags are packed in foil for optimal freshness.

orange pekoe tea bags buy

We wanted to make being environmentally friendly as easy as possible for you! You can discard this product in your backyard compost or in your food bin collected by your municipality. You can rest easy knowing your teabags won't end up in the landfill. Learn More about sustainability at TEALEAVES.

Elevate your morning cup of tea with 1907 Orange Pekoe from Lot 35, made from pekoe-grade black tea harvested from the high-altitude tea estates of Sri Lanka and Kenya. The blend delivers a tea that is bold and full-flavored, offering an excellent alternative to traditional breakfast teas.

Without a doubt, the most popular question I get asked at the market booth is"Do you have any plain old orange pekoe tea?"For Maritimers, 'orange pekoe' is considered the traditional tea of choice!I grew up on Red Rose Orange Pekoe tea never questioning what those two words, orange pekoe, meant? It's one of those accepted terms that we don't even notice! At the market I offer 'specialty' teas which are not available in the tea bag format. But I do have orange pekoe teas. So what is orange pekoe?First of all orange pekoe is not an orange-flavoured tea nor in any way associated with the orange fruit!Orange Pekoe is a classification of black tea based upon the origin of the leaf. To be classified as pekoe, the tea must be composed purely of the new flushes - a flush being the leaf bud plucked with two youngest leaves. (Any other leaves produce teas of lower quality.)So...the orange pekoe term refers to a grade of black tea based on the size of leaf and its location on the tea plant.

Would you like that term 'orange pekoe' to make more sense?Well, pekoe is actually pronounced 'pek-ho' and is derived from a word for a special kind of Chinese tea, meaning white downy hair referring to the down-like hairs on the tea leaves that are the youngest and smallest on the plant.And the 'orange' part? It is most likely that the Dutch East India Company had something to do with this description. The Dutch royal family was of the House of Orange. In the 1600s the company brought teas to Europe and the best of the black teas was reserved for the royal family. When it was introduced to the public, it became known as the 'orange' pekoe, associating it with royalty!Thus, a grading system with the term orange pekoe (OP) began.But if only it were that simple!We have FOP (flowery orange pekoe) - tea made from the end bud and first leaf of each shoot.GFOP (Golden flowery orange pekoe) FOP with golden tipsTGFOP (Tippy golden flowery orange pekoe) FOP with a large proportion of golden tips.Should I stop here? Can you guess what the grade is of FTGFOP? How about SFTGFOP?I mentioned early in the blog that I carry orange pekoes. There are flavoured orange pekoes which I do have, but I was referring especially to the common traditional tea that people in the Maritimes tend to think of as 'just plain tea'. The two that fit this description are Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Assam (India). They are TGFOPs! And both of these are from single organic estates, not blended with other leaves from estates in the area.Most tea bags are made up of the fannings, the finest siftings of the processed OP teas. But that's another story!I hope this has been helpful. Next time you drink your black tea, think about that beautiful downy leaf plucked by trained hands using the pads of the fingertips to give you that perfect cup you and I enjoy so much!

Hi being a very loyal drinker of Darjeeling tea and having studied at North point, we had a very simple explanation. The acronym is reference to the cut and orange pekie is a full leaf. And in this day andagewith CTC ruling the tea drinking market, leaf is considered as a luxury

If you prefer a great tasting cup of tea without the caffeine, try our King Cole Decaffeinated Tea. Enjoy an exceptional cup of tea with the same health benefits as our regular varieties, without caffeine. Available in: 20, 30, and 120 tea bags.

I recently tried the Orange Pekoe tea and was impressed with its smooth and rich flavor. The catering box with 100 tea bags is very convenient and provides great value. This tea has a range of health benefits

A Premium Blend of All Natural Orange Pekoe & Pekoe Cut Black Teas. 100 teabags per box. An American tradition since 1892. After more than a century, Salada continues to satisfy America's taste for great tea. It's the same Salada tea you've always known, with a taste as fresh and natural as America itself. This black tea leaves blend is true to standard established by P.C. larkin, founder of the Salada Tea Company, back in 1892.

The term orange pekoe is used for determining the size and style of leaf. Sometimes you may see a bunch of numbers and letters after a term, such as FTGFOP1 - which stands for Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (very finest) These rating are very confusing and they really aren't too accurate as far as determining the quality of the tea. So for now the important thing to remember is that the OP part of FTGFOP1 stands for Orange Pekoe, and there is not too much else too it, especially with the flavor.

The "orange" part comes from the Dutch royal House of Orange-Nassau. A large player in the tea trade in the 1600's was the Dutch East India Company. The belief is that in order to make the tea sound more elegant to its European customers, they named it after the largest royal Dutch house at the time, the House of Orange-Nassau. Or for short, the House of Orange.

This is simply due to some clever marketing. Sir Thomas Lipton thought it would be a clever idea to market his teas as orange pekoe due to the cool sounding name. Well I think it is safe to say it worked, and he did such a good job at it he is still convincing people 100 years later. So if you are out and want to order a nice tea, and you think of orange pekoe, just order a "black tea" This way the tea police won't pop up and correct you in public. Now if I can only keep the coffee police off my back for slipping in that X in espresso...

Unwind from your busy day by enjoying the flavor of our Fancy Orange Pekoe & Pekoe Cut Black Tea. Each box contains 100 individually wrapped tea bags. Available exclusively online and in select gourmet shops.

Classic Orange Pekoe blend of strong Assam and smooth liquoring Ceylon produces a mellow, satisfying cup. A traditional staple in many households, John Harney drank this tea whenever he needed a comforting cup. Try our convenient box of 20 tea bags. Each tea bag brews a 6 to 8 oz. cup of tea. [a.k.a. Ceylon & India] 041b061a72


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