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Nas-Stillmatic //FREE\\ Full Album Zip

the pair's battle reached a climax when jay-z, while on tour promoting his vol. 3 album, challenged nas on the breakfast club to a battle on new york's hot 97 radio station. when nas appeared on the show on the day of the event, jay-z was quick to inform him that he already won the battle -- and it wasn't even over yet. the members of the breakfast club were only to play the first verse of nas' song "ether" from stillmatic and then the "def jam: fight for ny" rapper would respond with a verse of his own.

Nas-Stillmatic full album zip


jay-z responded in a manner that nas was unprepared for, announcing that he would be releasing his vol. 3 album to the world on the same day that stillmatic was released, and on the same radio station -- hot 97 -- as nas' "ether."

the response was not what nas had in mind. "did you guys hear that?" he asked the audience during the performance in los angeles. "on his album, jay-z is gonna come out with a new record on the same day as me. on the same radio station as me."

the song that opens the album, simple things, is the first song i listened to when i first heard the album. it reminds me of the old days, when illmatic was still my favorite nas album. it is a song about nas returning to his hometown of brooklyn and reminiscing about the simpler days of his childhood. i love how nas says "that day was something i'd like to forget." then he talks about how he was walking home, and theres a dude talking to a bunch of cops, then he goes on to say "i was scared, i was scared they were gonna hurt me." then he goes on to say "i wonder if they'd ever think the same of me". this is a song that reminds me of growing up in brooklyn in the early 90s. i remember being in elementary school and hearing about how nas was a bad kid who did drugs and all kinds of crazy stuff. then as i got older, i got to meet nas and i realized that the stories were mostly just made up, and that he wasn't a bad kid at all. i guess that this song reminds me of my childhood too, because it just makes me feel nostalgic. i think that this is one of the best songs on the album. 2/5


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